Most Famous American Photographers

When it comes to photography, the United States of America is the place where lots of amazing photographers were born. Most of them took some stunning pictures during their career, pictures that were awarded. In the following, we will show you the most famous American photographers who made history.

Steve McCurry

McCurry is one of the most successful as well as respected American photographers. He was extremely attracted by India, where he actually spent around two years in order to take the most impressive shots. He caught in his pictures the inspiring diversity of color from India, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Pakistan.

David LaChapelle

This photographer is famous for his social messages through his commercial photos. LaChapelle was born in 1963, and has not only an amazing photographer but a director and producer as well. His striking photographs have graced the covers as well as the pages of the most well-known magazines such as Vanity Fair, Italian Vogue, GQ, French Vogue, and Rolling Stone. Furthermore, David LaChapelle has photographed lots of famous people such as Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Tupac Shakur, David Beckham, Pamela Anderson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton.

Ansel Adams

This American photographer is extremely popular due to its black & white photography. Most of his pictures were taken in California. His favorite place was Yosemite National Park, where he photographed the wild life. In plus, Ansel Adams is famous for developing an innovative method for providing black & white pictures with a full range of contrasting tones.

Irving Penn

There is no doubt that this American photographer was a real perfectionist in every area. We highly recommend to visit an exhibition of his work and see with your own eyes how sharp and impressive the prints actually are. Irvin Penn applied a special and unique coating to his photos in order to give them an amazing finish.

Margaret Bourke-White

What we can say about Margaret Bourke-White is that she was a real adventurer. She overcame just about any obstacle in order to take the shots she wanted. At the beginning of her career, Margaret focused on industrial and architectural subjects.

Annie Leibovitz

One of the most modern photographers in America is the talented Annie Leibovitz. During her career in photography, she has made some of the most stunning and well-known portraits and fashion photos. Annie uses really bold compositions in order to make strong and unique statements about their subjects.

Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis used photography in order to spread awarness about his cause. He was actually a Danish immigrant as well as a social reformer. In his photographs you can see the poverty in New York City that existed simultaneously with the idea that the United States was a country whose streets are paved with gold. His entire work had a huge impact and the results were positive. For example, the public waste management highly improved and lots of sweatshops eradicated. Overall, Jacob Riis is without a doubt a wonderful example for photographers all over the world and it can be a great inspiration for all of us.

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