Myths About Becoming a Pro Photographer

There is no doubt that photography is an exciting and challenging field. However, people who don’t work in this domain believe that photographers don’t work too much as their job is actually a very relaxing and easy one, which is definitely not true. We will show you in the following the real myths about becoming a pro photographer so that you understand better what this type of career involves.


Even though many people think that you as a photographer have all the necessary connections to get your studio up and running, this is not true. It may be in some cases, but in most of them it is not, especially if you are a beginner. What you need to do as a photographer in order to become one of the best in your branch and even have your own studio is to build a strategy that will help you bring in new clients on a regular basis so that you can easily and quickly build a referral network outside your established connections. Another myth is that clients know what they want. When it comes to photography, your clients will never know what they actually want. This is your job as a photographer to tell them what suits them best, give them advice, and talk about what options they have. There will also be some clients who will come to you with a clear vision in mind of what they want, but they will not be too many. There is no doubt that clients will expect you to be the expert.

Another important aspect that you must have in mind is that in slow times, discounting will not help you.  It doesn’t matter too much in the long run, it is just a myth. In most cases, discounting actually does more harm especially if you are a boutique photography studio. If what you offer as a photographer is strong and high-quality, then you are definitely worth every penny all year long. It is also a myth the fact that photographers can build a profitable business in this field by selling or providing only digital files of their work. Don’t forget that what you do is simply art. It is highly recommended to guide the clients through the print selection process in order to make them see the true value of you have captured. This means that an important part of your profits will come from offering print packages.


It is essential to have a very good marketing plan in order to increase the number of your clients. Good marketing plans will never be built on the fly.  In plus, you will never learn how to handle publicity as you gain experience. This is definitely just a myth. Getting the necessary publicity from local or even from national media outlets involves lots of work. However, it can be accomplished when you know exactly where to look and how to approach it. Also, you cannot change your rates on a case-by-case basis as many people think. No one likes to hear that another person was charged less than they were. Therefore, you must have the same price list for everyone. This is how professional photographers work.

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