Photographers Who Captured Real America

The United States of America is without a doubt a very beautiful country with lots of myths that tends to mask quite a lot the reality of most people who live here. In terms of photography, there is definitely a lot to capture about this complex state. Continue to read this article in order to see the best photographers who actually captured the real America.

Walker Evans

This photographer is most famous for capturing America life during the Great Depression. An important part of his work is quite startling due to his subject matter. His photos include several abject kids and their despairing patents as well as people waiting in endless lines for getting food or for receiving social benefits. All these images were extremely representative of the realities that many individuals faced during the Great Depression. Walker Evans had the ability to present very interesting and unique images in a historical manner, even though he’s shots were taken in the present.

Alec Soth

Alec Soth was born in Minneapolis and his focus was on the Midwestern United States. He said that Diane Arbus was one of his influences. He also photographed the amazing Niagara Falls and the beautiful Mississippi River. Soth was famous for his cinematic landscapes and for his intimate work that often carries a touch of something mystical. If you have a look at his photographs you will see that most of them highlight the diverse as well as contradictory aspects of American life. The most recent exhibition was called Broken Manual, and it features several photos that contain a series of hermits depicted with a touch of etherealness. Alec Soth is considered in the United States one of the best photographers of his generation who took some unique and incredibly wonderful shots.

Lee Friedlander

Friedlander captured the struggling life in the United States during the 60s and 70s. Lots of his shots were taken in New York City, and this type of settling had a great impact on his work. Lee Friedlander’s most iconic pictures feature faces on television screens as well as incredible reflections in the glass windows of storefronts. In plus, this photographer also took famed black-and-white pictures of Madonna posing nude for the famous magazine. Playboy. Friendlander worked in film and other artistic fields.

Stephen Shore

This self-taught America photographer was born in 1947 and during his career, he focused on the mundaneness of American life. His photography had a positive impact on other important photographers such as Joel Sternfeld. A very popular series is called American Surfaces, and it is an eclectic series that contains various amazing portraits of people, homes, food, and also buildings of that time. Furthermore, Stephen Shore’s portfolio includes lots of photos of stunning American landscapes. For obtaining the best results he traveled for a long time across the entire country. All in all, this photographer’s work calls us to think profoundly about the elements of daily life that most of us take for granted. There are lots of people who describe his work as meditative.

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